Shoplifters Forget the Baby

Virginia police are searching for three shoplifters, not because of what they took, but what they left behind.

At two o'clock on Thursday afternoon, police say three women with a two-year-old toddler walked into a Newport News Wal-Mart.

The three women tried to shoplift from the store, police say, but security guards saw the act on camera.

Confronted by the guards, the three women fled from the store, leaving the child behind.

Two hopped in a cab.

The third ran towards the nearby interstate.

The one woman who ran away ended up running back to the store, pleading with security guards not to call police, but they were already on their way;  she fled, yet again, leaving the child behind.

None of the women involved in the incident are the child's mother.

Soon after the incident, the child's mother did come by and pick up the child.

Police are now looking for the three women as the investigation continues.