Editorial: Legislature Voting Rules

We should expect that the people we select to represent us in the State House will be present and accountable for their votes.

It is disturbing to know that lawmakers must invoke a special rule if they want to ensure their colleagues vote only on their own machines, and not others.

It should be the other way around.  A rule invoked only to allow on a special occasion the ability of a colleague to vote for someone in their absence.

Talk about inviting literal double dipping.   Seems this explains how lawmakers can really be two places at one time.

The recent House vote on a tax reform bill brought to light this situation in a big way when House members supposedly voted for colleagues who were not even in the country when the vote was taken.

It is amazing that the Senate is not voting on any bills at all as it sits on a Macon County gambling bill and the House is voting on several, but we are not really sure if our representatives are even there when the votes are taken.

We should insist House members change the rule that allows representatives to vote for others.