District II Candidate Forum Held at Troy Dothan

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) -- Our third and final district two congressional candidates forum was held Tuesday at Troy University Dothan's Sony Hall.

The candidates answered questions about how they would help their constituents in several key areas, including a popular issue healthcare.

"It's an American issue, not a democratic issue or a republican issue," said republican candidate Harri Ann Smith.

"I don't think we need to mess with our healthcare system as we know it, because we all benefit so greatly from it," said republican candidate David Woods.

"We have to take care of our people, in a way that we know how to do it," said republican candidate David Grimes.

As the country comes to grips with a recession candidates were asked if they would raise taxes if elected.

"Raising taxes under any circumstances in a time of recession is not the right way to go," says democratic candidate Bobby Bright.

"I believe the wealthy and the big corporations need to pay their fair share and they need to do it now," says democratic candidate Cheryl Sabel.

"I believe we need to be talking about cutting taxes not raising taxes," says republican candidate Jay Love.

"We need to cut our spending, we need to overhaul our tax system, it's a tremendously complex issue," said republican candidate Craig Schmidtke.

While the economy is down gas prices are up.  So what's the answer?

"Long term we need to look at alternative energy sources," says Love.

"We need to look into drilling in the Alaskan wildlife reserve," said democratic candidate Cendie Crawley.

"Now it's being driven by futures trading so we need to have some control on that," said republican candidate John Martin.

Similar forums are being held in the state and the next big date is June third for the primaries.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis