Woman Pinned Under Dead Husband for Days

The man who rescued a woman pinned to the floor by her dead husband is speaking out and says he's no hero.

"No, no. Jesus takes the glory for all things in my life. I give Him the glory for urging me along," said newspaper deliveryman Bruce Pitts.

An elderly woman's right leg was pinned to the floor by her dead husband's body for nearly four days.

The coroner says Fred Roberts suffered a heart attack and collapsed on top of his wife Blanche, inside their Williamson County, Illinois home, sometime on April 23rd or 24th.
The couple's newspaper deliveryman discovered the two early Sunday morning.

Everyone involved in this story is still shocked and amazed at how the events unfolded.

The one thing the rescuer and the woman share is their strong faith and belief in God.

Courtney Hayes lives next door to the Roberts.

"Huge shock that it happened. That we were here this whole time and we didn't know, we didn't notice, hadn't seen him in a few days or anything," Hayes said.

"I had never met them personally but they would correspond through letters with us," said Pitts.

Those letters were full of praise for Bruce's hard work and prayers for his safe keeping while on his newspaper route.
Neighbors are few and far between along the country road where the Roberts lived.

In fact, people might go days without seeing or talking with one another.

Pitts said he slowly got concerned when he noticed papers piling up outside the home.

So, he stopped by and found the two on the floor.

"I was so shocked that she was alive because you could see she was underneath him and couldn't get up, and I figured she had been there that whole time," Pitts said.
Her survival and his discovery are all part of something bigger than himself.

"The good Lord above, no doubt about it," Pitts said. "Saving a life, you know, what a precious way the Lord works things out."

For Pitts, this moment in his life is part of a bigger journey.

"I thought of scripture: 'I mourn with those who mourn and I rejoice with those who rejoice.' This is a situation with both, mourning and rejoicing. Mourning in one death and rejoicing in a life," Pitts said.

It's not clear how exactly Blanche Roberts got pinned under her husband.

She is being treated at a local hospital.