Political Signs to Be Moved In Houston County

Dothan, Al. (WSFA) -- The signs of election time include, well, lots of signs.

Whether cruising down the interstate or down a back country road the "Vote for X" signs are like magnets stuck to every possible surface in an effort to gain support for the candidate.

In Houston County the signs are about to become a little less common, at least on county roads.

Chairman Mark Culver says the county will begin removing political signs placed on the right-of-way of county roads beginning Monday, May 5th.

The government isn't trying to silence candidates or take away from the political process, but as WSFA 12 News reporter Daniel Curtis found out it's all about safety.

Officials want the signs taken down so commuters have an unobstructed view as well as plenty of room to pull off the road if there is an emergency.

Culver is asking candidates and responsible parties to take the signs down before the Monday deadline.