Kentucky Derby Set for the Weekend

Saturday is horse racing's biggest day.

The 134th Kentucky Derby will be run in Louisville, Kentucky.

The horses have of course been getting ready for a long time and so have the women who will be in attendance.

Before what is often called the most exciting two minutes in sports, there is a different kind of race.

One with just as deep in derby tradition.
From her New York studio, famed hat designer Christine A. Moore races to finish some 200 custom hat orders.

After all, for many, the Kentucky derby isn't as much about the horses as the hats!
By some estimates 90 percent of women who attend the derby will don a hat.

For many, it is the fashion event of the year.

So, for Moore, who spends hours on each hat her run for the roses starts months in advance.

Derby week she moves from New York to Louisville's Luna boutique
to help ladies there find the perfect fit.
Because on this day, the hats seem to come with smiles attached.

One customer said, I am going to feel like a princess and I know I am going to have the best day ever!