Woman Finds Burglar Asleep in her Bed

Gary Ford was found passed out in the house he had broken into.
Gary Ford was found passed out in the house he had broken into.

It's a textbook case of how so many suspects are getting off easy -- even when it seems like there's plenty of evidence against them.
Swooz Glenn says she came home from the grocery store and saw her trashcan knocked over and the windows on her front door smashed in.

"I was like, 'Oh, no. something has happened here,'" she said.
She called police who told her not to go inside.

Officers went in and quickly came back out.

"They said, 'There is a man in your bed and he says he lives here,'" said Swooz.

She says police found Gary Ford passed out, stone cold drunk in her guest bed.

He had allegedly broken in and ransacked her kitchen.

"The entire contents of my refrigerator freezer were on the floor," Glenn said.

What's worse, she says, is that Ford is only facing misdemeanor breaking and entering charges, instead of the felony charges police on the scene charged him with.

The Mecklenburg County district attorney said Ford didn't take anything, so the law only allows charging him with a misdemeanor crime -- punishable by only 120 days in jail.

The assistant district attorney also said that's the same issue that keeps coming up across Charlotte with home break-ins, where thieves are facing limited jail time because property crimes are at the bottom of the sentencing ladder because there's such a shortage of prison beds.

Glenn is furious, even more so because she pulled Ford's record and found a lengthy one, including assault on a female charges.

People who know Ford well and say he is an alcoholic who needs to be off the streets.

"I know he's ill but there is a victim out there right now who doesn't know he's coming," Glenn said.

Her encounter with him sent her to the store.

"I bought a stun gun and I carry it with me everywhere 24/7," she said. "It's at my bed when I'm sleeping. It's at my hair salon when I'm working, and I'm just waiting for somebody I don't like to try it out on."