Outrage as High School Principal Outs Gay Students

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint against Memphis City schools demanding new school policies, a reprimand of a school principal, and money for the two male students who said they were put on a gay list by the school's principal.

All of this took place at Hollis F. Price Middle College High School on the campus of Lemoyne Owen College.

The charges are of discrimination, accusing principal Daphne Beasley of creating a "list of couples including homo couples."

According to the complaint, in September principal Beasley demanded over the school intercom that she get "names of all students who were couples...hetero or homo."

"It was very terrifying for one. I am still private or in the closet," outed student "Nicholas" said.

Nicholas was one of the students outed on the list.

Another was his partner Andrew, who is also a student.

The complaint goes on.

The principal then called the parents and told them about the gay list and informed them "that homosexuality would not be tolerated at Hollis F Price."

After that, Nicholas said students and teachers made fun of him.

"I actually had one of my friends say I was trying to steal her boyfriend," Nicholas said.

The complaint makes a list of demands to the city school board in order for the district to avoid legal action:

1) an apology to Andrew and Nicholas
2) reprimand the principal
3) put new policies in place to prevent it from happening again
4) money to the two students for their suffering

In a statement from the Memphis City Schools attorney he said, "We take all allegations of invasion of privacy and discrimination seriously. At this time, we have not completed our internal investigation of this matter. Once we have completed
our investigation, we will submit a formal response to the ACLU."

The ACLU wants a reply to the complaint by Friday, May 9th.