911 Toe Dialer

A bizarre industrial accident leads to an even more bizarre rescue.

Police say a man's arms were pinned in machinery.

Amazingly, he managed to dial 911 on his cell phone with his toes.

It happened in Mary Esther, Florida at DRS Technologies.

Police say the man would have been stuck for at least several more hours before the morning shift arrived.

Officials can't release his name, but they do tell us they were able to save both of his arms, all because he was able to dial a cell phone using his feet.

The call came from inside DRS Technologies at 2 AM Thursday morning.
Caller: "I'm calling from my cell phone. I'm stuck in a piece of machinery.  I'm the only one in the building."

911 Operator: "Ok, what are you stuck in? What type of machinery?"

Caller: "It's on both of my arms so I cant get out."

911 Operator: "How are you calling me?"

Caller: "I'm calling you on my cell phone."

911 Operator: "Ok, but you're pinned?"

Caller: "I am pinned, right."

Ocean City Wright Fire Department responded to the call.
"He had to move his hip to knock his phone off of his belt, and then remove his shoes with his feet and dial 911 with his toes," Lt. Ryan Christen of the Ocean City-Wright Fire Department.

 It was his only option- his arms were being crushed by a press-like machine, and no one would be in until the morning.

911 Operator: "Are we going to be able to get in the building?"

Caller: "I don't know."

911 Operator: "They are on the way right now."

With his armed pinned he was able to tell crews how to find him.

Caller: "Here! I'm over here!"

911 Operator: "You hear them?"

Caller: "Yes, I'm over here!"

Officials say they were able to shut down the machinery and free his arms within minutes. 
The victim was airlifted to a hospital in Pensacola, Florida.