Editorial: Legislative Session Feedback

Editorial                Feedback            5/6/08

Two recent editorials on state legislative bills flooded our e-mail inbox.

Mike Robinson's take on the tax reform bill pending in the Senate that would remove the state sales tax on food but also remove the state sales tax exemption for federal taxes paid:  "This is just a clandestine attempt to push another wealth transfer program through."

James Shakira disagreed, saying the number of people "who would benefit from this would outweigh the complaints of people who are blessed enough not to have to worry about where the next meal is coming from...Alabama needs to start taking care and considering the people less fortunate."

Larry Miller responded to our "Power Grab" editorial with this legislator admonition: "They couldn't care less about the working people of this State.  They are there for the special interests."

Charles Turnipseed's take:  "Most people would not keep a dog that behaves like our state legislature, yet we tolerate lawmakers who repeatedly show disdain and scorn for the people whom they allegedly serve...We know from the past that rather than eating from the bowl, they are going to rip open the feed bag and gorge at the expense of the taxpayers."

We appreciate all of your feedback!