Two Year Old Pot Smoker

Several adults are in big trouble after filming a pot smoking toddler
Several adults are in big trouble after filming a pot smoking toddler

A toddler, captured on tape, smoking pot with his mother in the same room.

The mother in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin has already been punished along with two of her friends.

This cell phone video shows a two-year-old boy smoking a marijuana blunt. You can actually see his mother's friends teaching him how to do it.

The boy's mother, Krystle Weber, was in the room at the time.

The mother is heard on tape saying "I swear to God, I better not get in trouble for all this."

Weber and her two friends, Sean Held and Dane Ashely, were charged with giving marijuana to the boy. All pled guilty.

Today, seven months later, Weber has custody of her son and is taking parenting classes.

But when we showed the newly-released video to other Menomonee Falls moms, everyone had the same reaction.

Amy Schneider is a mother of two with one more on the way.

She's appalled at what she saw.

Amy said "instead of a child, he's a form of entertainment and that is just awful."

Andrea Holmes also watched it.

Andrea said "I am in shock. I just cannot imagine doing something like that with your child. and videotaping it and making a joke of it."

But Weber's attorney tells me she has maintained complete sobriety, saying quote: "she is gainfully employed and has been doing everything in her power to better her life and the life of her son."

The local hospital ran tests on the little boy and found that he did not have marijuana in his system.