Clinton Loans Her Campaign Millions

Barack Obama's big win Tuesday night in North Carolina puts him a large leap closer to the democratic presidential nomination.

But Hillary Clinton isn't giving in.

She won Indiana in a close race and the delegate split leaves her far behind where she had hoped to be.

A double victory could have been decisive for Hillary Clinton.

Instead her narrow win over Barack Obama in Indiana didn't deliver the delegates she desperately needed.

And Obama's resounding win in North Carolina gave him another long stride toward the democratic nomination.

Obama told supporters Tuesday night, "We stand less than 200 delegates away from securing the democratic nomination for President of the United States."

But Clinton says she's not giving up.

"I am running to be the president of all of America" Clinton told a group of supporters, "That's why it is so important that we count the votes of Florida and Michigan."

Still both candidates are sounding conciliatory.

Clinton said, "No matter what happens, I will work for the nominee of the democratic party."

"We intend to march forward as one democratic party," said Obama.

Obama and republican John McCain are already going head to head.

McCain told a group of his supporters, "Senator Obama wants to raise taxes, I want to lower taxes."

The democratic fight is no longer about momentum, it's about money.

Clinton loaned her campaign 6.4 million dollars last month and last night's results are hardly likely to excite donors.

Clinton had predicted North Carolina and Indiana would be game changers.

And they may have been just that.
As West Virginia goes to the polls next Tuesday all eyes are on Hillary Clinton and how she finishes this marathon.