Montgomery Police Concerned About Repeat Offenders

42 year old Joseph Miller is no stranger to police. Captain Huey Thornton says Miller has a criminal record dating back to 1986. Most recently, a judge sentenced him to 20 years in prison for theft and drug related crimes. "It's my understanding he went directly to community corrections," Thornton told WSFA 12 News.

Thornton says Miller has a history of violence; his most recent act: murder. Investigators say he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Shyya Robinson during a domestic dispute. She was found shot in the head and stomach at her apartment on North Bainbridge Street near downtown early Sunday morning. Thornton said, "It's always said 95% of the crimes are committed by 5% of the people."

Thornton believes intervention needs to come sooner than later. "If you've committed one or two crimes and are correctable, then we are all for that. But when you've committed 20-30-40 crimes, that person needs to spend some significant time behind bars," added Thornton.

District Attorney Ellen Brooks also believes intervention is key. She supports programs like the Helping Montgomery Families Initiative. It identifies at risk children giving officials a chance to help them get on the right track before they end up in court.