Georgia Church Using Gas Crunch to Fill the Pews

OK, let's see what we got here. Record gas high gas prices and we're to believe a sign that on a busy highway that says free gasoline.

When you dial 770-978-5717, you'll hear a recording that says "First Baptist Snellville is offering you the chance to win one of two $500 gas cards."

Pastor Dr. Rusty Newman says "we are beginning a revival, ah starting this Sunday. If you attend the service you are able to sign up for a drawing to place your name in at the end of the service stating you were there. Then on Wednesday evening at the conclusion of service we will be drawing for that ability to win the prize."

I never thought about but why not ask for a little divine intervention to help with high gas prices.

When asked if there's anything wrong with praying for a little extra gas money, Dr. Rusty Newman says "no there really isn't and maybe our opportunity to give a little extra encouragement during these tough times."

And so now the question, will they come?

Parishioner Genene Graig says "you know I think I would be willing to come to the revival anyway. But $500 worth of gas I would think would be incentive for others that may not."

Maybe the answer to getting gas prices to come down, is to look up to a higher authority for some help.