AG King Announces Child Protection Agreement with Facebook

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- "As Attorney General, and as a father, I have no higher priority than protecting our children and stopping sexual predators from preying upon them," says Attorney General King as popular social networking site Facebook announces new measures to protect children online.

Facebook is a popular site for many college-aged students and is growing rapidly with thousands of new subscribers daily.

King joined 49 other state attorneys general and the District of Columbia in making the announcement Thursday.

Facebook will explore and develope age and identity identification tools for its site, a step rival Myspace reached with the nation's AGs back in January.

Some changes include automatic warning messages that would alert a child they are about to give out personal information to an unknown adult.

The site is also working on restricting the ability for a user to change their listed age, and if a user attempts to change their age it will be flagged for approval by administrators.

The site is also acting more aggressively to strip inappropriate content and user created groups from the site, agreeing to keep a list of pornographic web sites on hand so they can terminate links to them.