Covering Houston County: Dothan's Long Range Development Plan

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) --  Starting Tuesday May 13th. the city of Dothan will hold a series of public forums on the long range development plan for the city.

Citizens will be able to come and voice their opinions on future visions for Dothan.

City manager Mike West says having the citizens input is crucial when laying out plans for the next 30 years.

Taking this kind of input is a first for the city.

"Dothan has never really had a comprehensive plan," said West.

These forums assist the city in setting future goals.

Concerns range from the location of buildings to what to do with open space, traffic, even land uses.

Ultimately leading to a master plan.

"What the appearances are, what the issues are to them.  That's what we hope to accomplish through these series of forums," said director of Planning and Development Todd McDonald.

After the forums the planning and development office will put together a draft plan to present to the public.

It's a long process, but one west say's gives a guide to make sure unwanted projects don't happen.

"I think it's an opportunity for people to stand up and say this is what we want Dothan to be," says West.

Residents will watch a brief video explaining development during the forum.

Then they'll have an chance to look at images of development practices for Dothan.

The first forum will be Tuesday at 6:30 at Carver Magnet school.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis