First On WSFA 12 News: Storm Damages Troy Highway Tire Company

Jim Woodham's Southside Tires on the Troy Highway was hit hard by a storm as it moved across south Montgomery Thursday night. The winds were strong enough to knock down parts of the building, damaging equipment and several vehicles.

And, the  demolition has already begun. One side of the building has to be torn down before it can be re-built. It took only a couple minutes to destroy part of the building but now it will probably take months to restore it. The insurance people have already been there to access the damage, and that damage includes a truck that was there for repairs.The owner points to an area about 15 feet away. "Actually, this vehicle was actually parked up there where this tin is right now. And the storm moved it back here? Yes ma'am. Wow."

And, the two cars buried underneath the rubble are also totaled. Owner Matt Woodham says insurance will take care of them. "Well, they'll get another vehicle. They'll get their money back for the value of the vehicle. They'll have that check." As we reached the back of the building there were stacks of about 275 tires.  "And what's all this?" Woodham says all of the tires were in storage in the building, but that part of the building has to come down too.  "Actually, a good friend of mine has donated his tractor-trailer and is bringing it down here to leave it so we'll have somewhere to keep the tires until we get rebuilt."

In fact, people are coming to help from all over town - their customers, church members and friends. Woodham accepted a big bag fro0m one of his customers. "She just brought us something else to eat. Customers. Your heart just sinks."

All of this out pouring helps make the burden a little bit easier because the Woodhams have a lot of work and worries ahead of them. Thursday, the office was where customers went to turn in their keys, but now....  "When you get in the daylight and you can see it it's pretty much ruined."

But, in spite of all that's happen a lot of good has come from it. "Is there a lesson to be learned from all of this. Be thankful for what you've got. Is that what you're feeling right now? Oh yeah, I mean it could have been a lot worse. God could have done a lot more. I mean there could be nothing left."

The Woodhams say they have been at that location for 22 years. Storms, tornados, hurricanes have come and gone and this is the first time they've been hit.

The Woodhams want you to know they are still in business. There's a part of the building that wasn't damaged and they're continuing to work on vehicles in it.