Ann Street Crimes Leave Montgomerians Concerned

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) --Myron Smith moved to a house just off of Ann Street in Montgomery two years ago.

Since then, he says, the small stretch of road has gone downhill fast.

"When we first got here, it was nice," Smith explained.  "I could walk from my house to [a] store.  Not a problem.  People would wave.  Now, [. . .]I don't dare to walk."

For good reason.  Just this week, Montgomery police responded to two back-to-back carjackings.

The first crime was reported near I-85, the second just yards away at a local gas station.

Both victims were hurt.  Investigators say both cases appear to be random crimes.

Authorities have one man in custody, another on the run, and a street where loitering is becoming a growing problem.

"That area does have a lot of foot traffic, and our department--we're looking at avenues to alleviate some of that foot traffic," said Captain Ron Cook of the Montgomery Police Department.

Many Montgomerians complain of people asking them for money while they're at a store, for example.

It's a situation that can be dangerous for employees and patrons in the area.

"I'm going to make them leave or call the police on them  That's all we can do.  We cant go out there.  We just knock on the windows and tell them they've got to go," explained Pacecar employee Patrece Esther.

If someone does come bother you while you're out and about, authorities say it's perfectly all right to make a scene and grab the attention of the people around you.

"As a last resort, if you feel uncomfortable," Cook said. "[If] you've told them 'no' and they're still persistent about it, draw attention to yourself."

Advice that may help in an area residents say is suffering.

"I've got a family that lives here, and basically I'm afraid to let them go outside," Myron Smith said.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke