Eliminating Patients' Fears

If you, like so many others, are absolutely terrified of the dentist, you should know that Dr. Strickland can help alleviate your fear by offering several excellent solutions for this common problem which include:

  • “Nap Dentistry” – a very easy and effective pharmaceutical solution; in most cases, patient takes one pill the night prior to treatment and another the morning of treatment; similar to effects of Valium without long “hangover”; driving is prohibited for patients receiving this medication.

  • Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) - easily administered and safe for most patients; very few contraindications; relieves mild to moderate anxiety; effects subside immediately upon removal of nitrous oxide inhaler.

  • Spa-like amenities – relaxing environment with calming music and aromatherapy, body massage pads in treatment chairs, heated neckrests and eye pads, paraffin wax treatment for hands, heated electric booties, DVD movie glasses.