Editorial - E.D. Nixon Elementary School

Students throughout our region are wrapping up another school year with varying degrees of satisfaction.

Here at E.D. Nixon elementary, most enjoyed a year of top notch instruction they have now come to expect from this Torchbearer school.

Most of the students here are considered at-risk and at one point not that long ago, this school was on the brink of being taken over by the state because the students tested so poorly.

Now 85% of them test better than the state average.

Principal Regina Thompson set higher standards, held teachers and students accountable to them, and worked tirelessly to engage parents in the process.

They all responded well, earning the school a Torchbearer designation this year by the state Department of Education as a high-poverty, high-performing public school in Alabama; one of nine selected in the state.  Edgewater Elementary in Selma was the only other school in our region chosen.

Lessons learned here apply to all schools and businesses in our region.

Demand and expect excellence and engage everyone in the process to achieve it.

More often than not, it will come.