Dothan Honors it's Fallen Law Enforcement Officers

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) --  The Dothan Police department had their law enforcement memorial service at the civic center Tuesday morning.

Captain Larry Draughon is working on his 31st year in law enforcement.

"I'm proud to be in this profession and to have succeeded in this profession," said Capt. Draughon.

When he became a police officer, he says they didn't have gatherings quite like the one they have now.

"I walked on the shoulders of a lot of people, to get here they carried me, they taught me a lot and these guys did it without being honored quite the way they are now," said Capt. Draughon.

He and many others spent Tuesday morning honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

In the 104 year history of the department only four Dothan officers have died in the line of duty.

Hugh Deshazo, Sgt. Shelby Owens, Lt. Robert Jackson and Cpl. Robert Armstrong.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King told the audience officers in the audience, their service is greatly appreciated.

"We're praying for you and we're grateful to you for the sacrifice that you make," says Attorney General Troy King.

A sacrifice that Capt. Draughon knows well.  He knew two of those four officers.

"I'm proud, I'm proud to do what I do for a living," says Draughon.

He says he wouldn't do anything else.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis