Officer Resigns During Internal Investigation

He'd only been back on the force three months, but Michael Provo is saying goodbye to the Montgomery Police Department. Provo resigned from the department a week ago. His resignation comes in the middle of an investigation into a citizen complaint against him.

Provo signed on as a police officer in June of 2000. Back in February of this year, eleven officers, including Provo, were fired or resigned after allegations of brutality and abuse of position. Provo was the only officer reinstated after the third shift scandal.

Provo talked with WSFA over the phone Monday night about his resignation.  He says the complaint is not a recent one. According to Provo, it was made during his hearing when he was fighting for his job. And Provo says no one filed a complaint against him until they were contacted by internal affairs and prompted to do so. He claims after being reinstated, he was called in and questioned constantly about every move he made.

During that same conversation, Provo says he is interviewing and trying to get another job. He wouldn't say if it's in law enforcement.

Provo was one of three officers fired.  Eight others resigned after the third shift scandal rocked MPD.  Provo was the only officer who fought to get his job back and won.