California Wine Bar Hosting "Botox at the Bar"

The demand for wrinkle-relieving Botox shots has created a whole new option for people wanting the treatment outside of the doctor's office and spa.

WineStyles Bar in Coronado, California has earned itself the first-of-its-kind title of a Botox Bar.

Owner Patti Nordengreen said they are the first to mix Botox and bubbly.

Some patients admitted that they sipped champagne to calm their nerves before their wrinkle-reducing shots.

But is it a good idea to mix shots with a shot of booze?

Nordengreen said no because the doctor administering the injections is not drinking.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Bucko agreed.

"I don't know of any evidence presented or even theoretical evidence that it can be a problem.  Alcohol can cloud your judgment, so I think people ought to be fully aware of what they're getting into when they make this decision," advised Bucko.
Dr. Gretchen Deel, a Botox specialist, agreed.

Deel does all of the Botox shots at the bar's weekly spa night.

"Absolutely.  Never make a decision like that when you've been drinking," said Deel.

She said she has a non-negotiable rule and will refuse to give a shot to anyone who has had too much to drink.

Bucko cautioned that no matter where you get it done, Botox is a potent drug and can have side effects.

He suggests every patient consider three important rules before receiving the injection.

"Make sure, however you can, that it is Botox.  Make sure the person who's injecting it has had experience and training and is licensed to do it. And thirdly, that it's done in an environment that's safe," said Bucko.

And if Botox isn't on the menu for you, WineStyles can offer you wine and a massage or a brow wax.

The price of Botox shots depends on how much you need.

WineStyles charges about $200 per area filled.

Doctors said cost is a clue that you are getting the real thing.

They warn cheaply or under-priced Botox shots can be a sign of a counterfeit or a watered-down product.