Rock and Roll Pizza Cutter - Does It Work?

At your next pizza party instead of pulling out that old round pizza cutter our Does It Work guy David Hagood has found one that might be easier to use... and safer around kids. It's a safe and simple way to cut pizza... if you use the original "Rock And Roll Pizza Cutter". It's almost a no brainier that this patented device would work, but how well? There's only one place to give it a true test... a pizza place! Ria's Pizzaria is helping us out. Now Ria normally uses an old fashioned pizza cutter she said "it's just a roller blade here. It's really sharp on the edges. It cuts the pizza really well you just pop it in there and cut right on through it." but she said it was not something that you could take home to the family. So she putting the old one down, and giving the "Rock And Roll Pizza Cutter" a try, and on the first pass, she likes it. "It's cutting real well." The safe and simple claim that's on the packaging hold true as well. "This is not razor blade sharp. You can't even tell that this would cut, but it did." So after your next pizza comes out of the oven at home, or even at Ria's you should take out the Rock and Roll Pizza Cutter... because Ria says "it works!" Now the best thing about the pizza cutter is the price... it's only 2 bucks! David found the Rock And Roll Pizza Cutter at "Bed, Bath and Beyond." If you have a does it work suggestion, e-mail him at