First On WSFA 12 News: Two Montgomery Wal-Marts Change Hours

Details are still sketchy but WSFA 12 News has confirmed that two Wal-Mart stores in Montgomery are cutting back on their hours of operation. So, if you're a late night shopper, you may be disappointed!

We've confirmed the Wal-Marts on Chantilly Parkway and on Ann Street will no longer be open 24/7. Beginning May 31st, they will close at 11:00 at night and stay closed until 6:00 in the morning, but the reason why they're closing for seven hours is what we've been questioning.

The company only says "Due to constant evaluation of business models and the needs of our customers, we made these decisions based on the traffic patterns at these locations."

However, we do know there have been recent thefts at the Ann Street location and Captain Huey Thornton with the Montgomnery Police Department says it's an inside job. "We started a large scale theft investigation the first of this month in reference to employees at the business who were stealing electronics, and so far we have arrested five employees who worked in the shipment area."

The police say the arrested employees who worked in the shipping area would take an expensive item like a large screen TV and put it in a box for something a lot less expensive and then pay or that less expensive item. They say the case is still under investigation and they have more arrests to make.

We don't know and the company is not saying if the change in hours on Ann Street has anything to do with the thefts. As for Chantilly Parkway, no inside thefts were reported there.

WSFA 12 News asked Wal-Mart if there would be any layoffs and were told they had no specifics at this time.

Reporter: Eileen Jones