Guest Editorial: Sen. Hank Sanders - Food Tax

Guest Editorial  Senator Hank Sanders   Food Sales Tax                  5-15-08

It's hard to pass a Constitutional Amendment anywhere.  In Alabama, it takes a majority vote of the people in addition to a 3/5 vote of the elected membership of the House and the Senate.  That's 21 of 35 in the Alabama Senate.

The House had already passed the bill and we had 21 senators willing to pass the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would allow Alabama citizens to vote state sales tax off food.

The Senate vote was 20 to 11 with three abstaining and one absent.  The abstentions were counted as no votes.  If one of those abstaining had not voted, we would have won.

There were attempts to compromise the bill.  All were rejected.

We have one legislative day left, Monday, May 19.  I don't know what will happen with the sales tax off food bill on the last day.  I do know that after 19 years trying to accomplish this feat, we were close, really close.

But close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.