Montgomery Art Gallery Making a Difference in Foster Care

May is "Foster Care Awareness" month and a Montgomery art gallery is doing their part to make a difference. The Heart Gallery of Alabama is displaying their new exhibit titled "Alabama's Waiting Children" at the Old Supreme Court Library at the Capital.   The exhibit will run through June 4th.

"I am looking forward to this event as it will provide much needed awareness to adoption and foster care in Alabama," says Michelle Bearman-Wolnek, Heart Gallery's Co-founder and Executive Director. "I hope this exhibit will increase interest in adoption and/or fostering which will provide more children with loving homes and families."

Heart Gallery of Alabama, which was started by local child advocates in February 2005,was established to promote adoption and foster care for the over 7,000 children currently in Alabama's foster care system.  Professional photographers volunteer their time to create affective portraits of the children and a social worker interviews each child.  This audio can be heard at the exhibit next to the child's portrait.  Heart Gallery gives perspective parents the ability to learn more about a child's unique personality. The upcoming exhibit is geared for anyone in the community that is interested in adoption, foster care, or for anyone who would like to help with the cause. For more information on the Heart Gallery, please visit their website at www.HeartGalleryAlabama.Com