Severe Weather Strikes South Alabama

Red Level, Al. (WSFA) -- As residents of the Buck Springs community surveyed the path of destruction, others stood in quiet disbelief.

Bobby Joyner, 73, grew up in the area. Now, after fierce winds, his shop--filled with heavy equipment--is gone.

"I used to pull motors out of cars [in my garage], and it just picked [the support beam] up and put it where it wanted," Joyner explained.

The wind damaged his house, literally pulling the front porch away from the wall of the home.

It left his cupboards and pictures in disarray.  Shards of glass even filled the seat his favorite chair.

"[I] usually sit [in that chair].  Sit and watch TV.  That's where iIwould have been had I been at home," Joyner said.

Luckily, Joyner had left the house hours before the storm rolled through.

He had no idea of the damage until his friends called soon after.

Now, there's a lot of work ahead.

"[We'll] either repair it or tear it down and start over.  Probably just repair it," Joyner explained.

Though the damage is great, Joyner says the unwavering support from his friends will help him through the hard times still to come.

NOTE: Friday, the National Weather Service will visit areas hit by Thursday's severe weather to determine if a tornado swept through the area.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke