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Councilman Holds Job Fair for Teens

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Suits on. Résumés printed.  Hundreds of young employees-to-be were ready for a taste of the real world.

Many teens and young adults came with parents.  Others braved the interview process on their own.

Either way, business managers stood happy to see fresh faces.

"We weren't expecting this many kids to come out, but the turnout was good," said Sheila Stovall, a manager for Rainbow Apparels.

That participation, organizers say, is important to keep in mind.

"It just lets the community know that the kids are trying to better themselves in life," explained Corporal Martinez Tolbert with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

That's exactly why Montgomery City Councilman David Burkette created the event: to make a difference and teach teens the value of an honest living--all while keeping them occupied and out of trouble.

"Quick money will give you a free pair of handcuffs. [If] you come up here, they'll give you a free opportunity," Burkette said.

That's something young adults hope to attain.

"School's out.  I'm 18, going to college, and I need to get more responsibility, said Erica Reynolds, a Prattville resident.

Parents say they admire the work ethic of their children.

"We're very proud of [our son], and he can handle it from here.  No doubt about it," explained mother Alexis McIntosh.


Reporter: Cody Holyoke

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