Click It or Ticket Crackdown Begins Monday

Buckle up or pay up: that's the message from law enforcement agencies as they kick off the "click it or ticket" campaign.

The goal of click it or ticket is to increase seat belt usage. More officers and troopers will be on the roads looking out for folks not buckled up. Authorities say 58 million Americans are still driving or riding unbuckled, which costs our economy around $18-billion dollars a year in medical, insurance, and overhead costs. But more importantly, not wearing you seat belt could cost you your life.

"It doesn't take very long when your investigating traffic crashes to begin to see the amount of carnage that happens, roll-overs, when people get thrown out. 9 times of of 10 it's going to be something bad," said Sgt. Bob phillips, an Alabama state trooper.

The click it or ticket campaign begins Monday, May 19th and runs through June 1st.