One Wheeled Wonders

At a time of the morning when most people are headed to work on four wheels, three friends meet at an Oklahoma City skate park on one.

They still ride the narrow edge of the sports world.

Even the skaters at the park sometimes make fun of Kelly Hickman, Brian Henning and Justin Peabody.

Until they watch them ride.

Turns out unicyclers can do a lot of the same things skates and skateboarders can do.

They don't go fast, but a good rider like Hickman can still shred in his own way.

"It's somewhat different. You don't see it much. You get a lot of strange but most comments are you know, 'That's pretty cool.'," he said.

Kelly started riding a few years back in high school when he broke his hand in football.

You'd think that another part of the unicycler's anatomy would be in near constant danger, but apparently not.

"Most of the time you're standing up so you're OK, you don't have to worry about it that much," explained Peabody.

Now Kelly is one of a handful of top unicylers.

They try to ride every day, but school, jobs, and other friends sometimes get in the way.

Life is a balancing act after all, the trick, even on one wheel is to keep moving.