Drag Queen Robs Burger King

New Orleans police are on the lookout for a cross-dressing bandit.
Security cameras showed the man, wearing a dress with a revealing bust line and hair barrettes, as he climbed through the takeout window at a Burger King on May 11.

He held the employees at gunpoint, demanded money, then exited through the same drive-through window and drove away.

"By looking at the vehicle pull up, we can tell that's a pickup,"  crime and safety specialist Howard Robertson said. "And if you look at the rims, you know that's not a Ford or GM. The other thing I wanted to look at was whether he got out the driver's or passenger's door to see if he had an accomplice, somebody who was driving his vehicle when he left. But he got out the driver's side."

Robertson said the thief is probably a genuine cross-dresser because his necklace matched the dress, his nails appeared to be painted and the wig was well made.

"Most of the time when somebody puts on a wig they're just trying to hide their identity by putting on something like a Halloween mask, but he's pretty," Robertson said.

Robertson said he was surprised the thief didn't cover his face, though he said it doesn't matter in this case.

"There's a strong possibility that this person is a cross-dresser and someone in that
community will know this guy, especially if they see him on the TV, someone will know him," Robertson said.

Police said the suspect was about 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighed about 180 pounds.