'Small Industry' Moving Into Greenville

3 New Hotels Coming To Greenville
3 New Hotels Coming To Greenville

Out with the old, in with the new. 3 new hotels are about to 'check in' into Greenville, 3 hotels worth around $20 million.

"It's like a small industry moving in," said Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon.

All of them will be built on a single piece of property, 6 acres developed by JDH Developers of Kennesaw, Georgia, a 13-year old company that promotes itself as Atlanta's leading hotel and plaza developers.

The mayor says he is not at all worried about over-saturation despite the fact that Greenville already has 5 hotels at its main interstate-interchange in a city of only 7,500. The immediate goal now is to get the Greenville Inn and Suites torn down.

Plans call for a Marriott Hotel with a conference center, a LaQuinta Hotel and Country Inn and Suites. One of the hotels will have 80 rooms and we're told each hotel will have its own restaurant.

It's estimated that 30,000 cars come through the interchange at Interstate 65 everyday. By year 2020? 90,000.

"With all that's happening in Mobile with the new steel plant going in and the tanker contract, you're going to have a lot of traffic going up and down Interstate 65," said Mayor McLendon.

Still unclear is what will happen to Old Mexico Restaurant, one of the city's more popular diners that's on the Greenville Inn and Suites property. For now though JDH Developers is 'serving up' something far more delicious; an economic boost to an already thriving interchange.

JDH officials say they plan to hire around 60 people for the 3 hotels and they expect to break ground in December. The company paid 2 and a half million dollars for the Greenville Inn and Suites property.