Editorial: Education Budget

Editorial               Education Budget            5-20-08

Thousands of quality teachers may leave our state soon because the Senate didn't pass the education budget in this year's regular session, costing them their jobs.

This will affect students, who may not get as great an education as they would have otherwise.

That will affect the quality of students at our state's four year colleges, who lobbied hard to kill a proposed budget because it contained 11% cuts for them, while K-12 got 3% cuts.

All will impact our state's economy that seemingly can only be stopped by legislators.

They didn't do what we elected them to do and we are now forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more to hold a special session.   This after they gave themselves a huge pay raise.

It is unfortunate we don't have the revenue to fund all that we want to this year.

But tough choices need to be made and it seemed reasonable to cut less where the revenue was needed most, K-12.  Without improvement in K-12, we won't improve higher education.

Unless of course, colleges accept more out of state students, who are educated by some of the very teachers we seem willing to let go.

Legislators should work on accelerating revenue potential for our state so we are not in a position again to have to choose between who gets the most cuts.