Ohio Students Duct-Taped During Field Trip

Parents at Waldbridge, Ohio's Lake High School are outraged after learning students' rooms were sealed with duct tape during a recent field trip.

The incident occurred during the school choir's field trip to Chicago last weekend.

According to senior Mark Hummel, Lake's assistant principal and choir director duct taped the door to their hotel room, making it difficult to get out of the room.

"It was a big concern for me," Hummel said. "What if there was a fire? What if something happened to someone? What if someone passed out? How are we gonna get them out without worrying about tape on our door?"

Mark's mother, Sylvia Keeler, understood keeping an eye on the kids after curfew, but thought taping the door handle crossed the line.

"There's a difference between putting a piece of tape on the door and duct taping a door handle shut," Keeler said.

Lake superintendent Jim Witt has issued a statement defending the chaperones' actions, saying "This precautionary measure did not prohibit or reduce the ability of the students to leave their rooms in the event of an emergency of if they needed to leave their rooms to contact a chaperone".