Dog Survives Gator Bite

Loxahatchee, Florida woman is asking for dog lovers to rally around her beloved Shepherd mix as the dog recovers from a savage alligator attack.

The sedated dog is awaiting lifesaving surgery *if* funds can be raised.

Despite a shattered jaw, broken legs and deep puncture wounds, there is hope for 9-year-old Rennie, who managed to get out of the jaws of the alligator that clamped down on him in the shallow water of a canal near his home.

"I love her she's my best friend. I've had her since she was born," said Rennie's owner, Lisa Shanks.

"She was lying down, mauled, her legs broken" she recalled, choking back tears.

The veterinarians had to be blunt.

"Its gonna be rough, tough to make it through fighting off infections", said Dr. Arthur Christopher.

The surgery to pin the leg fractures and rehab Rennie would will at least $3,000 dollars.

It's money Shanks says she simply doesn't have.

"If anyone can help, I want to save my dog," she said in an emotional appeal.