Hillary Clinton Wins Kentucky Primary

UNDATED (AP) - Hillary Clinton has won the Kentucky primary. There are no results available for the Oregon primary at this time.

Though the two states' primaries occured on the same day, that appears to be the only solid thing the electorate in Kentucky and Oregon have in common.

In an exit poll conducted for The Associated Press and television networks, Kentucky appeared to have one of the least liberal batches of voters from the 33 primaries where polling was conducted this year.

Only a third of responders considered themselves liberal.

In Oregon, on the other hand, close to six in 10 voters identified as liberal.

According to the polling, two-thirds of voters in Kentucky followed a trend of declaring the economy as the most important issue facing the country.

In Oregon, it was fewer than half.

Kentucky Democrats also were more likely than their Oregon counterparts to say it's a good idea to suspend the federal gas tax this summer -- an idea Hillary Rodham Clinton has promoted and Barack Obama has criticized.