School Systems to Issue Pink Slips

Pink slips are on the way for some untenured Alabama teachers. Alabama school systems are in a tough position: forced to lay off teachers! It's the result of the legislatures failure to adopt the education budget. Butler, Lowndes and Pike Counties plan to let nearly 90 teachers go. "We're in the worst case scenario," said Elmore County Superintendent Jeff Langham.

While other schools are firing, Langham is worried about hiring. He says his district will not make any more teacher cuts, but he doesn't know how to fill the openings he already has. Langham says the legislatures failure to pass a budget put planning in a tailspin.  He says, "We have to proceed cautiously."

The Montgomery Public School System also has no plans to lay off any more teachers. Assistant Superintendent for Finance Ron Glover believes cuts will come in areas like student materials, and professional development.  The district has around 19 million dollars in a reserve fund. With expected cuts in the millions, Glover believes its possible the system will have to dip into that account to make ends meet next school year. "We will get between six and six and a half million less," says Glover.

With no budget and no exact numbers, school systems are left in limbo. The governor asks educators to be patient.  He said, "Give us a few weeks to work on this." The governor plans to call a special session before the end of the month.