Obama Looks Toward General Election

For the first time in months Barack Obama's spotlight was back on the sunshine state.

The clearest indication so far of a seismic shift in his focus from the primary to the general election.

His sights now squarely set on his new opponent republican John McCain.

"I am happy to have debate with McCain about the Bush McCain foreign policy that hasn't worked," said Obama.

McCain was in Florida Tuesday criticizing Obama's foreign policy especially when it comes to Cuba

McCain said, "It's dangerous, it's dangerous to our national security,"

The Cuban American community could play a key role in November's election and that was clearly on Obama's mind

As he tried to mend fences in a state where the democrats were stripped of primary delegates.
Hillary Clinton is still fighting for Florida and to remain a factor in the race with her own swing through the state.

But other than a quick acknowledgement of his primary opponent there seems little doubt Barack Obama is moving on to a general election fight that seems to be beginning and some say could once again end in Florida.