Cell-Phone Captures Student/Teacher Brawl

A North Carolina teacher with a reputation for having a tough-love teaching style has been suspended after a student captured video of him pushing and shoving another student.

Video of the incident, which school officials said happened in an automotive class last Friday at the Forsyth County Career Center, was posted on YouTube over the weekend.

The video shows teacher Wade Schaible shoving another student.

One student, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that he was out of the room when the incident began between Schaible and the student, but as he returned a friend told him to get out his camera phone so he could record what was unfolding.

The student said the incident turned physical after Schaible began taunting the student.

"At that time he student thought he was joking and really wasn't that worried about it, but when he pushed him onto the table it really escalated. You could see his complexion change," the student said.

The video shows the two interlocking arms before two other students intervened to break up the fight.

"Schaible was calling him names just completely not appropriate for the classroom for a teacher to be calling," the student said.

Winston-Salem Forsyth County school officials met with Schaible Tuesday afternoon and suspended him with pay pending the result of an investigation.

Schaible has been a teacher in the school system since 2003.

So far Schaible has refused to comment.
The student said this is the first time he's seen Schaible be physical with another student.

"He hasn't been physical," the student said. "Maybe it's his teaching style, but from what I've heard it's been going on for years."

He said Schaible's reputation is well known.

"My friend last year had him and said stuff like this happened all the time," he said.

The Career Center is a program for students in Forsyth County schools that offers a variety of vocational and college-level courses.