"911 Emergency...Do You Have Your Credit Card Ready???"

A Dallas, Texas City Council member says he wants people to pay upfront before getting a ride to the hospital.

Council member Mitchell Rasansky said if the call is not life threatening, first responders should ask the caller how they are going to pay for the ambulance ride to the hospital.

He said there would be no questions asked in a true emergency but said taxpayers have to pay millions every year for ambulance rides.

He said his proposal is not so much about the bottom line, but about financial responsibility.

"Even when we send in those insurance claims, we still get charged a commission, why should we pay a commission. This is a way to save taxpayer money," Rasansky said.

At this point, the idea is only a proposal and Rasansky said he hopes his fellow council members will seriously consider it in the name of saving taxpayer dollars.

Dr. Paul Pepe, the director of Dallas EMS, responded by saying, "When in comes down to it, if there is an emergency or if there is a question, our job is to response and we will be there no matter what."