Lowndes County Board of Education Holds Special Meeting

School boards across the state forced to make touch decisions. "This impacts the entire school system," said Lowndes County Superintendent Daniel Boyd.

Boyd expected to lay off 32 teachers. He called a special board meeting to discuss the cuts. Boyd told the board previous dismissals and retirements should be enough to cover expected cuts in their budget. He recommended they not let go of any more teachers. The board agreed. Boyd said, "I'm happy the board decided not to pink slip any additional teachers."

Senator Hank Sanders, who attended the board meeting, says he and his fellow lawmakers must get to work soon on an education budget. Sanders says the longer they wait the chance of Alabama losing good teachers increases.  "They may go ahead and say this is a mess. Let me go where I know the money is going to be," Sanders said.

Boyd says his district will make it, but it's going to be a tough road ahead. "Anytime you are used to operating a system at a certain amount, anytime you cut the budget, it affects people," he told WSFA 12 News.

Another downside may be larger class sizes. Boyd says anticipated cuts to the budget could mean he can't hire all the teachers he needs. In other words, fewer teachers instructing more students.