Pastor's Daughter In-Law Improving

Thousands of people in Montgomery and around the country have been following the story of Katherine Wolfe, who suffered a near fatal brain hemorrhage a month ago. Katherine is the daughter-in-law of Jay Wolf, pastor of First Baptist Church here in Montgomery. In the touch and go moments since Katherine was hospitalized, two things have been constant - her family's presence at her bedside and a huge outpouring of prayer from far and wide.

The public first saw her on the TV show "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" She won that night and according to her father-in-law she's been winning ever since.   "She is one of the finest young ladies that I have ever met. She is bright and she is beautiful and she has a heart that's for the Lord. She is a Jesus lady."

Probably the biggest test of her faith came a month ago when her husband, Jay Wolf's son, just happened to be at home around noon when she suffered from a rupture and bleeding in her brain. Wolf remembers the first time he saw her after 13 hours of surgery. "Her face was swollen due to the surgery. Her lips were dark blue and about three times her normal size. There was blood in her hair from where she was partially shaved. There was blood on her arm. She looked so horrible when my son walked in and saw his precious Katherine, it was like somebody kicked him in the stomach. He just fell on the floor."

It was caused by an abnormality she's had since birth but didn't know about it. In some people it often causes death or paralysis, but one day in her room with the nurse Wolf realized miracles were happening. "Mrs. Darby said Katherine your husband is here and honey he needs some hope. If your hearing me, I want you to move your left hand and Eileen she raised these two fingers. All the air sucked out of the room. We couldn't believe it. We were just on our knees thanking God."

She remains in intensive care on a ventilator but is totally aware of those around her. She has use of her limbs and some use of her neck. However, there is still some paralysis on her right side. And in the meantime, her story of survival is being told all over the country. "It's touched a nerve because this could be anybody. This could be anybody's child. But, that's the nature of life. I'm a pastor. I've done 700 funerals and I want to tell you that life is fragile and fleeting and I can not guarantee that I'll see the sunset and you can't either. That's why we need Jesus and that's why we need each other."

Her recovery is going to be long and hard. Wolf says sometimes miracles happen quickly, some slowly, and this one he says is going to take a long time.

Wolf also believes his daughter-in-law will recover completely and will be able to share her story with others who are praying for a miracle and appear to have gotten one!