Clerical Error Causes Farm Bill Re-do

Democrats are picking up the pieces after an embarrassing technical gaffe that delayed a triumphant rejection of President Bush's veto of a massive farm bill.  Congress passed the $300 billion dollar farm bill, hoping to bring it back to their districts over the long Memorial day weekend.  But because of a technical error, they have to start all over.  The bill was missing a 34 page section when it was sent to the president, who ultimately vetoed it.   Hours later, the US voted to overturn the President's veto.  Now, because of the missing pages , the representatives were overriding a veto on a different bill than they originally passed. Supporters of the bill say the mistake turns 14 of the 15 sections of the bill into law.  There's also the matter of that omitted section , which includes nutrition programs and trade provisions, those sections did not become law.  Stay tuned to WSFA 12 News for any updates.