16-Man Team Deploys To Afghanistan

Tearful Farewell For Alabama Army National Guard Team
Tearful Farewell For Alabama Army National Guard Team

Leslie Morgan knew this day might come when she married her husband Chris 20 years ago.

"It's here and we'll make the best of it," said Morgan.

Now that day has arrived and the couple's son Jud is starting to feel the pain of separation.

"I will miss being around him," said an emotional Jud Morgan.

Jud's dad Colonel Chris Morgan is the man who lead his 16-man team to a far-a-way land in Afghanistan. The Alabama Army National Guard group will train many of the soldiers in the Afghan National Army, train them in skills ranging from artillery to communications.

"This is going to be a tough environment," said MG Abner Blalock.

Tough and scary.  Colonel Morgan freely admits anything could happen but either way he says he's at peace.

"You just have to trust in the Lord that He will take care of you," said Colonel Morgan.

The team will be gone for 9 months. For some this is their second deployment but not for Colonel Morgan. Morgan says his team is ready to hit the ground running, confident their mission will be a success.

Leslie Morgan feels the same way on this end. She, too, has a mission; hold down the fort at home.