More Questions than Answers from Operators of Embattled Christian Daycare

Parents of small children assume they'll be safe from harm when they're dropped off at daycare. That trust may have been violated by a man accused of molesting two children. The alleged activity happened at a Montgomery daycare center.

The suspect is in custody and police are questioning possible victims. 24-year-old David Brandon Powell faces six counts of sexual abuse against two four year old girls on several occasions.

Attendance appeared to be lower than usual as many parents came to ask questions at the Atlanta highway daycare. Most drove in, stayed a few minutes, and like one man, left with tightened lips. If parents were looking for solid information at the daycare center, they were in the wrong place. The daycare's director declined all on-camera interviews and refused to say if she had ever conducted background checks on any prospective employees.

So we contacted the owner of the daycare, the Alabama Christian Academy. A secretary told us the Academy's new president isn't due on the job until next Monday. She took our phone number and said a member of the school's board would contact us, but they never called. Yet another secretary said parents could get any information they needed.

One man we met also left without the information he wanted, and said he might consider taking his kids out of the daycare.

One group that was talking: the leadership of the Dalraida Church of Christ.  Church elders are concerned people might think they were in charge of the daycare.

Church Elder Bob McKee says the church only has a business relationship with the daycare. "The Alabama Christian Academy daycare leases facilities from the Dalraida Church of Christ. We have no responsibility for the administration of the day care in any way, McKee said.

Suspect David Brandon Powell occasionally attended the church, and members say he was quiet and understated, not the kind they would suspect of child abuse.

State court records show Powell has not been charged with a crime in the past. A judge freed him on bond Thursday. Police say more charges may come if more victims come forward.