Bush Campaigns for McCain

President Bush is in the southwest, supporting John McCain and raising money for the fall campaign.

But Mr. Bush is so unpopular that many wonder if he'll help or hurt republicans in a region where Barack Obama is trying to win some states.

President Bush arrived for 2 days of fundraising in John Mccain country the southwest.

New Mexico and Arizona Tuesday night, Colorado and Utah Wednesday.

But the president appeared in public with McCain only once briefly.

The two were last together in public nearly three months ago, when Bush endorsed McCain.  Why the distance?

President Bush has a dismal 27% approval rating.

Toxic in an election year.

Republican strategist David Johnson said, "The rule of thumb for John McCain is he wants to stay away and distance himself from president Bush and how he's a different type of republican."

The two men are not friends.

Their 2000 primary campaign got personal.

And after Bush took office, McCain called his tax cuts too generous
Until 2007, McCain called the Iraq war mismanaged.

And in Colorado Tuesday, McCain vowed not to continue the go-it-alone Bush foreign policy.

McCain said, "It's a vision not of the united states acting alone, but building and participating in a community of nations all drawn together in this vital common purpose."

Barack Obama was in McCain country Tuesday.

Nevada, one of four southwest swing states that he'll fight for in the fall by linking McCain to George Bush.