Editorial: Viewer Feedback

Editorial Feedback 5-27-08

Not passing legislation exempting your federal stimulus checks from state income taxes or legislation allowing small businesses and employees to deduct health care premiums from state taxes are just two of the many issues our viewers have with legislators.

Your feedback on our editorial chastising the senate for not passing an education budget in the regular session echoed our frustration.

Sherri Fuller emailed: "It is sad any time we hear of education cuts but when we have to see our hard-working, under paid teachers lose their jobs because our over paid legislators aren't doing their jobs, that is an outrage!"

Judi Johnson and Tevya Baker from Selma suggested "on any day when no significant legislation is discussed, voted on, passed or vetoed, then on that day, no State Legislator should expect to receive any pay."

James Shakira added, "These people in the Senate have done nothing for the people of Alabama except line their own pockets! They have proven time and time again that they are not working for the people here, they are working against them."

Steve Camp's take: "Unbelievable. For years on end, Alabama's public schools rate as some of the lowest in the nation and our educators are expected to work miracles under extraordinary conditions as it is with limited resources. The education budget should have been the first priority for the session. Besides impacting teachers and their families, our kids will suffer with more kids in classrooms with fewer teachers."

Paul Armstrong blamed higher education, saying, "The higher ed boys have flunked their own test, the one where they make people good responsible citizens. The lessons they teach are to get everything you can get."

We welcome all of your feedback!