Election Officials prep for Tuesday's Primary

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) --  With less than a week to go, counties across the state are getting ready for next Tuesdays primary election.

You can expect the ballot to be a lengthy one, as dozens of key positions are up for grabs from congressional seats to the state school board.

When it comes to elections Montgomery county's Trey Granger says its all about being prepared.

"We're putting things together like keys and buttons and everything that's necessary to conduct an election next Tuesday," said director of elections Trey Granger.

With 135,000 registered voters in the county Granger has a lot to do. He's in charge of training close to 800 volunteers who will man more than 50 precincts.

"We've had targeted training to make sure that they understand every single aspect of their responsibility on election day," says Granger.

Voters will have a lot to consider as well.

There are four state school board positions up for election, four state judgeships, and a long list of local judgeships.

As well, one Alabama senate seat and 6 congressional seats; including the hotly contested district two race which has a total of nine people running six republicans and three democrats.

"Counting numbers and certifying numbers is that same regardless of whether its ten or fifty but the good news is with that many people on the ballot, especially with these two congressional races it will turn out the vote for Alabama and that's what we're hoping for," explained Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman.

Chapman says it's possible turn-out could reach or exceed levels not seen since Alabama's last gubernatorial election which was 38% in 2006.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis