Make Up Remover - Does It Work?

It's a makeup remover that supposed to work wonders by taking off the reddest of lipsticks to the blackest of mascara. But does it work? David Hagood tests out the wonder cloth. Leah Owen works with makeup everyday and she's seen a variety of makeup remover products... the latest, a cloth that claims it can take your make up off by just applying water to something called the "Wonder Cloth". It also says that it's all natural, using no chemicals. This is not a product of Merle Norman where Leah works but they have such confidence in their own product they wanted to compare the two. First the Wonder Cloth. After wetting, Leah began to remove the makeup and the Wonder Cloth started to shed. While it did remove a little of the makeup.... It wasn't easy. Leah is having to tug at the skin and that's not good for your face. Merle Norman has their own product. It's a foaming face wash and it's very quick and easy to use. You use water which is very pleasing, and nice for the skin. Now we're going to put the Merle Norman product to the test to see if the Wonder Cloth left anything behind and it did. The wonder cloth can't compete, it failed! We found the wonder cloth at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $10.00. The Merle Norman product that we tested sells for about $20.00 at the Merle Norman store in the Eastdale Mall.